• Geometry

    All geometry students will use the Edgenuity platform for completing all of their course work for the school year.  The school year will consist of two courses: A (first semester) and B (second semester).  Be sure to take notes during the course as they will be indispensable for completing assignments and assessments. Log into Edgenuity using the link below.  Your teacher will give you your login credentials.

    Edgenuity Student Login

    Though your classroom teacher is not teaching you geometry directly, he is available to help you should you get stuck.  In addition, all geometry students will have "posting privileges" in the Geometry Google Classroom Stream (students in other courses can only respond to posts).  This means, effectively, you will be able to use Google Classroom as a forum among yourselves (the geometry students) to help each other at any time during the pandemic when the school is closed for in-person learning.  Please be advised that the Cardinal Code is in effect: Any violations of classroom, school, or district rules pertaining to academic integrity and use of technology will be addressed appropriately.

    If you have questions, I can be reached using the contact information available on here.