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Parking Permit - Juniors and Seniors


Parking Permits

Juniors and Seniors with upper-class privileges may request parking permits.  All automobiles and motorbikes driven on campus must have a Canyon del Oro High School parking permit displayed.  Motorbikes may park in the second row of the west parking lot near the yellow poles.

Parking permits can be obtained in the Bookstore. To obtain a parking permit, Juniors and Seniors must bring the following items to the Bookstore:

  • A valid vehicle registration
  • Proof of insurance
  • A valid drivers license
  • A current CDO High School student I.D. card.

It is the duty and responsibility of students to keep their cars locked and parked appropriately.  THE SCHOOL IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGE TO, OR THEFT OF, STUDENT VEHICLES PARKED ON CAMPUS.

All vehicles parked on school grounds are subject to search if there are reasonable grounds to suspect that drugs, alcohol, weapons, or stolen property might be contained in the vehicle.

Student may request a temporary permit from Administration if you need to drive a second car, due to a emergency, for that week only. 

Parking Lots

At the time of vehicle registration, students will be given specific guidelines regarding designated parking areas.  James Kriegh Park is off limits to all CDO students during the hours of 6:45 a.m. - 3:45 p.m. on days school is in session.

Parking Regulations

Students driving vehicles to school are expected to abide by all state, county, and city traffic laws. Maximum speed limit for vehicles driven on campus is ten (10) miles per hour.  A vehicle driven on campus in the morning must remain on campus until the end of the school day unless the student of record has off-campus privileges.  Vehicles making loud and unnecessary noise may be barred from Canyon del Oro parking lots. Should a student prove to be irresponsible in controlling his/her vehicle, all on-campus parking privileges may be revoked.  Loitering in parking areas and sitting on or congregating in cars is not permitted.  A warning sticker or an immobilizing boot may be placed on vehicles for parking violations.

Parking/Driving Violations

Students who violate parking regulations will be referred to the administration for disciplinary action.  Students may be referred for, but not limited to, the following violations:

Ÿ CDO parking permit not visible.

Ÿ Parking in staff parking or other unauthorized areas.

Ÿ Excessive speed on campus or reckless driving.

Ÿ Transporting underclassmen or unauthorized students off campus.

Ÿ Sale or transfer of a parking permit will result in the loss of parking privileges for both involved parties.



CDO High School Sophomores may apply for a parking permit if the following minimum criteria is met:

  • Student has complied with the Student’s Code of Conduct for the Amphitheater Public School District and the respective school rules and policies and had NO disciplinary referrals.
  • Student has a minimum 2.0 GPA and NO D’s/F’s at each grade reporting period while carrying a full academic schedule.

Only the CDO student listed on the contract is permitted to be in vehicle at any time during the school day and student may only transport themselves to and from school.  A vehicle driven on campus in the morning must remain on campus until the end of the school day – no off-campus privileges are granted to Sophomores with parking permits.  To request a Sophomore Parking Contract, please see Assistant Principal, Ms. Amanda Magelli.