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Meet the Teacher

We invite you to come visit your child’s classroom and meet the teacher (or teachers). We will be hosting the Meet the Teacher event on August 2nd from 11:00am - 12:30pm. This is a casual open house event where parents and students can come see the classroom, walk around campus, drop off school supplies, and place money on lunch accounts. The Copper Creek PTO will also be here so that you can find ways to become involved in our amazing school!


Attention Pre-School and Kindergarten ParentsThis year we want to make sure that you are comfortable and understand the procedures for our youngest students on campus. You will have an orientation on August 2nd at 12:30pm. This will be the only open house held for these grade levels. All parents and students will meet with the SRO and administration in the library for a brief presentation and then you will go to your assigned classrooms to hear from your teachers. Please bring your children to this event. We will have supervision for them on the playground when you go to your classroom. Siblings may join us on the playground while you are meeting with the kindergarten or pre-school teacher.