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Arizona A-F Accountability System

Dear Parent,

On Monday the Arizona State Board of Education will publicly release a letter grade (A-F) for all schools in Arizona. These letter grade scores were calculated using the results of the AzMERIT tests and other data from the 2016-17 school-year.

Arizona’s new A-F Accountability System is designed to provide a letter grade based on student proficiency and growth as well as acceleration and readiness. It provides schools with feedback on areas where they are excelling and other areas which may need focus.

Based on the state’s new A-F Accountability System, Coronado’s letter grade is a B.

The state’s definition of that letter grade is:

B – Highly Performing: High performance on statewide assessment and/or significant student growth and/or higher 4-year graduation rates and/or moving students to proficiency at a higher rate than state average.

I want to thank our students, parents and staff for their excellent work in receiving this high performing label.

Although we recognize and appreciate the importance of measuring student achievement through quantitative data, we believe there are a variety of other important factors that contribute to a positive and successful school environment. As principal, I take great pride in Coronado K-8 School. We have an excellent climate and environment. We have supportive parents and dedicated students. And, we are fortunate to have outstanding teaching and support staff. Our students have grown academically as well as socially and have a real love for their school. It is also important to mention that Coronado K-8 is dedicated to being a kind school where all students are valued.

As we have attained this label and celebrate it, we also look to the future and plan to improve upon our success.

Amphitheater Public Schools takes great pride in the academic achievement of our students. Our teachers, staff, and the entire Amphi family are committed to our students’ success and preparing them for their futures.
Additional information is available on the Amphitheater Public Schools website: If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at 696-6627.


Gerad Ball