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Arizona A-F Accountability System

Dear Parents/Guardians,

On October 9th, the Arizona State Board of Education will publicly release a Letter Grade Score (A-F) for all schools in Arizona.  Holaway will receive a Letter Grade Score based on how well students in grades 3-5 performed on the AzMERIT tests in April 2017.  The last time the AZ Board of Education released letter Grade Scores for AZ school was in 2014, when Holaway earned a Letter Grade Score of a “C”, but very near a “B”.  The AZ Board of Education did not release Letter Grade Scores for schools the past three years, due to the transition of the AIMS tests to the current AzMERIT tests.

As Principal of Holaway, I take great pride in the academic/social/behavioral growth of our students.  Our teachers/staff and overall community work hard to help our students learn and succeed.  We have talented, loving and dynamic professional educators who arrive at school early, stay late, and completely dedicate themselves to our students.  With that in mind, I do value the Arizona School Letter Grade Score because our students, teachers, staff, and community always deserve to feel proud of our hard work.  However, I also value student safety, kindness, emotional and social growth, extracurricular activities, traditions/celebrations/events, family/community involvement, and joy—items that are not measured by the Arizona Letter Grade Score.

This year, our School Letter Grade score is a “C”, with our actual number score being just a few points from earning a score of a “B”.  As a parent, you should know that Holaway teachers accept the responsibility of ensuring that students demonstrate more than a year of growth in the academic year.  Recently we have had number of community visitors at Holaway who have remarked on incredible teaching, student behavior, and tremendous atmosphere that we have all worked to establish.  We will continue to improve our practices and systems, with a focus on improvement from year to year.  If you have any questions about the School Letter Grade feel free to contact me at any time.  If you have specific questions about your student’s progress, please reach out to your teacher.

I will always feel extremely proud of our Holaway School community.  Holaway is a special place, and we will continue striving for excellence and working diligently to provide high quality opportunities for all students.


Chris Gutierrez
Principal, Holaway Elementary School