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Having Technical Difficulties...Forgot Your Password

Having Technical Difficulties...Forgot your Password???

Forgot Your Password?:
Students, if you have forgotten your password, please email IRHS Student Tech Help to request your password be reset.

In order to complete the request, students must include their Student ID # in the email, along with two of the following three proofs of identification.
1. Picture/scan of their Ironwood Ridge Student ID.

2. Date of birth

3. Mailing address


How To Guide on Navigating Google Classroom and Gmail:
If you are having trouble accessing your Google Classroom, your Amphi Gmail account and/or navigating to commonly used Google apps, you can use the following quick reference guide to help.

If you are experiencing an issue with access to a teacher's Google Classroom, please email the teacher to make them aware of the issue. 

Guide to Accessing Google Apps

Parent Guide to Google Classroom:

To learn more about how Google Classroom works, parents can reference the guide provided below. 

2020 Parents Guide to Google Classroom