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Ironwood Ridge Hybrid Learning Resource & Information Page

 This page will provide you with information, links and guidelines that we hope will help your student prepare for the start of the Hybrid learning model when we return from Fall Break on Monday, October 12th. 

IRHS Hybrid Learning Student and Parent Memo (10.9.2020)

Protect the Ridge: What You Need to Know (Videos) NEW!!!

Cohort Letter, Disclaimer and Waiver:
On Friday, September 25th, two documents were mailed, via U.S. Mail, to Ironwood Ridge students and families. The Cohort letter and the Waiver/Disclaimer document will provide families with information on what cohort (Cohort I or Cohort II) their student is assigned to and details on guidelines and safety measures the Amphitheater School District has established.

Note: The Waiver and Disclaimer document can be completed and returned before Fall Break, during Fall Break on when students return on Monday, October 12th.

Cohort Schedule:

Cohort Schedule


Bell Schedule and Calendar:
Bell Schedule:
Reflected below is an updated copy of the bell schedule we will utilize during the time we are using the Hybrid learning model. The schedule does reflect the implementation of our two lunch schedule on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Our Wednesday schedule reflects a change in our start time for 2nd period. Period 2 will now start at 8:25a.m. This will align our start time for Period 2 throughout the entire week.

For the duration of the 1st semester, every Wednesday will be an early-out schedule. This will provide teachers and staff with additional planning, preparation, grading and professional development time. 



Hybrid Bell Schedule 

The link below will direct you to the updated calendar that reflects changes for the duration of the 1st semester.

IRHS Annual Calendar - Updated 9.25.2020

Campus Maps:
We have updated our campus maps to assist students who are new to Ironwood Ridge. The updates include a campus overview of the building areas, outside areas and points of student entry. We have also updated our classroom maps to reflect the name of the teacher(s) assigned to a room.


Download the Campus Map

 Teacher Classroom Maps

Daily Protocols and Procedures:
As students arrive on the days they are assigned by cohort, students will enter campus through three designated points of entry. Staff will be at each point of entry to take students temperature using a thermal scanner, verify students are in compliance with Amphitheater School District's mask requirement, ensure students have their Ironwood Ridge student ID displayed and provide hand sanitizer. 

Points of Entry:

  • Student Parking Lot / Parent Drop-off and Pick-up: 
    • Students who have been approved to park in the Student Parking Lot and purchased a parking pass or students who are dropped off/picked up by a parent.
    • Students will enter campus via the two gates highlighted on the above map.
  • Bus Bay:
    • Students who are transported to/from school on one of Amphitheater's buses.
    • Students will enter campus via the large gate. 

Mask Up

Safety Protocols:
Staff and students are required to wear masks at all times on campus. Students can remove their masks at lunch but must immediately put their mask back on after eating.

For more information on the Amphitheater School District's mask requirement. You can reference Governing Board Regulation GBGB-R, accessible using the link below. 

Governing Board Regulation: GBGB - R 

Student IDs:
Ironwood Ridge Student IDs must be visibly displayed at all times on campus. IDs can be displayed on a lanyard or clip.

Hallways around campus have been marked with "lanes" and arrows to keep students moving in similar directions. Staff will be stationed at classroom doors and intersections of halls to ensure students are not congregating or stopping.

While moving around campus, particularly in the hallways, it is important that students move directly from one class to their next class.

The north stairwell has been designated as an "up only" stairwell. This stairwell is adjacent to the elevator by the A201 - 216 hallway.

The south stairwell has been designated as a "down only" stairwell. This stairwell is located by the A228 - A238 hallway. 

Hand Sanitizer:
As students enter campus, they will be instructed to use hand sanitizer. Additionally, hand sanitizer will be available in every classroom, the library, cafeteria, bookstore and other areas of campus.

Water Bottle Filling Stations:
Water fountains have been turned off for the time being; however, we have numerous water bottle filling stations around campus that will allow students to fill their water bottles throughout the day.

Students should plan on bringing a water bottle to school every day. 

Class Fees:
Amphitheather School District has populated class fees to student accounts. To determine if your student has any fees that must be paid, please log into your student's account using the InTouch Fee System. 

You can access the InTouch Student Fee system using the link below.

InTouch Student Fee


Protect the Ridge