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ASVAB Testing

ASVAB Testing

Starting Wednesday, February 3rd, Sophomores at Ironwood Ridge will participate in the ASVAB assessment as part of their Education and Career Action Plan (ECAP).  Arizona requires that all high school students, starting their Freshman year, develop an ECAP that will extend over all four years of high school. The ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) is a multiple-aptitude battery (assessment) that measures students’ interests and abilities. Moreover, it helps predict future academic and occupational success in the military and related careers in the civilian world. The ASVAB is administered annually to more than one million high school and post-secondary students, as well as military applicants.

Once we receive the score reports, Sophomores will be given more information by the counselors on how to interpret their scores and use the career exploration platform after scores have been received. 

As part of our administration of the ASVAB, we have specified that no scores will be released to the military unless a student specifically requests it.  Additionally, Sophomores who are considering enlisting after high school will need to retake the exam in their junior or senior year as their scores will not be valid for enlistment. (Score results are only valid for two years.)

Our testing dates are February 3rd and 17th, 2021. Please see the information below to determine when your Sophomore student will complete the assessment.  

  • February 3rd: Students with Last Names: A – Kn

  • February 17th: Students with Last Names:  Ko – Z  
    • This session will include any Juniors or Seniors who have signed up to complete the ASVAB Test. Juniors or Seniors who wish to participate in the test should email Nancy Marsala at by February 10th. 


Testing Venue and Precautions:
This year the ASVAB will be administered in small groups so that we can continue to maximize social distancing.  We will conduct temperature checks as students arrive on campus and all students must wear a mask at all times.

Students should arrive on campus through the student parking lot between 8:15 and 8:30. Testing will begin promptly at 8:45 and last approximately 3 – 3 ½ hours.  Students should dress appropriately for the weather forecasted for the day they take their test. Please make sure your student also has the Ironwood Ridge student ID or another picture ID.

Students must leave campus immediately upon being dismissed from the test and are expected to rejoin their classes as soon as possible.  They will only be excused for the time of the test plus a reasonable time for travel home.

ASVAB Prep Sites:
To help Sophomores prepare for the assessment or preview the test, including answering a few practice questions, we are providing you with the following resources to explore:

Official ASVAB site:

What to expect when you take the ASVAB:

Other Test Prep Sites: