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ACT Test Information and Resource Page

Ironwood Ridge will administer the ACT for all 11th grade students on Wednesday, March 3rd and Wednesday March 10th, 2021 for free.

The ACT test is one of the key assessments that colleges use for admissions, scholarships, and the recruitment of prospective students. It is also a test that allows students to measure themselves academically to other students across the nation.

We will administer the ACT to half of our 11th grade students at Ironwood Ridge on Wednesday, March 3rd and the other half on Wednesday, March 10th. Ironwood Ridge students attending Amphi Academy Online will complete the ACT test on Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021. Students will receive an email with information regarding their date/time to report for testing, assigned room to complete the exam, what to bring and how to access campus upon arrival.

One benefit of taking this test during the school day is that it will be free.   The ACT test costs approximately $60 to take and is given nationally on Saturdays.  Students can also take this test multiple times, so this first test will give our students a chance to see how they compare nationally and decide if they should pay to take it again during their 12th grade year for a better score. Additionally, this test offers the potential for earning scholarship money from universities.   For example, a high school student with a 3.5 GPA and a good ACT score can easily earn $5,000 - $10,000 in guaranteed scholarship money from the University of Arizona.   This is a benefit that we want our students to have access to, particularly in light of the cost of colleges today.  On the back of this letter is a chart from the University of Arizona that will give you an idea of how ACT scores and GPA can determine scholarships -

Furthermore, the Arizona Department of Education will allow schools to select a different school assessment to replace the AzM2 (formerly AzMERIT) state test.  The ACT test can be used by our district to measure the academic progress and growth of our students.  We also wanted to make sure that the testing option that we selected had a benefit to our students and their post-secondary goals.

To help prepare students for the ACT, every student will receive a free ACT test prep guide during the week of February 15th -19th in their English class. In addition to the test prep guide, our Language Arts teachers will provide students with specific information and tips that will assist students in preparing for the assessment. We have also provided a list of online resources below that students can use to further promote their readiness for the ACT.

The ACT assessment that students will take on March 3rd or 10th will not include the written portion. Students who wish to take the ACT writing test can register to do so on a separate occasion; however, we want to let you know that the University of Arizona, Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University and most other universities, do not require the written test for admissions. To determine whether the school you are considering applying to requires the ACT written test, please visit that institution’s admissions requirement page.

If you have any questions about this opportunity or the ACT test please feel free to contact me by phone at 520-696-4004, or via email at  or Ms. Amonson at 520-696-4011, or email at


Online ACT Preparation Resources:


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