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Arizona A-F Accountability System

Dear Families:

On Monday the Arizona State Board of Education will publicly release a letter grade (A-F) for all schools in Arizona. These letter grade scores were calculated using the results of the AzMERIT tests and other data from the 2016-17 school year. We want to provide you with some background information that we believe will be useful in understanding our school’s letter grade. Please understand that these new calculations are different than the ones used years ago when the state gave the AIMS tests.

Arizona’s new A-F Accountability System is designed to provide a letter grade based on student proficiency and growth as well as acceleration and readiness. It provides schools with feedback on areas where they are successful and other areas they may need to focus on. It is a tool to help schools improve and to help identify which schools are in need of additional support and how to better prioritize resources.

Based on the state’s new A-F Accountability System, I am VERY proud to report that La Cima Middle School’s letter grade is A!

The state’s definition of that letter grade is:

A – Excellent: Distinguished performance on statewide assessment, significant student growth, high 4-year graduation rates, students on track to proficiency; overall performance is significantly higher than state average.

As Principal of La Cima, I take great pride in the results of this letter grade and all of the hard work and dedication of our students, teachers, and staff and the dedication and commitment of our former Principal, Christine Sullivan, who devoted so much of her time to La Cima over the past eight years. This hard work could not have been completed without the tremendous support of our families and community that provide so much to our current school culture.

These scores reflect the academic growth of our students, but what cannot be measured in any test is the kindness, social and emotional growth, traditions,  community involvement and overall family culture that IS La Cima. For this, I am even more proud and happy to be part of the Cardinal Family.

I will always take great pride in our La Cima Middle School community. La Cima is a very special family and we will continue striving for excellence while working diligently to provide high quality opportunities for every one of our students.


Julie Valenzuela

La Cima Middle School, Principal

(520) 696-6732