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Family Communication & Resource Page

In order to provide the most current and useful information, we have created this page for resources and updates. 

Tthis page will be the one place you can find everything you need.  


La Cima Communication

Parent Notification (website 3/1)

Hybrid Schedul 2/15

Hybrid Schedule 2/15 Spanish

Family Message (phone dialer 1/8)

Schedule for Remote Learning January 2021

Family Letter (letter sent 12/17)

Family Message (email 12/14)

Parent Notification (email 11/20)

Parent Notification (email 11/15)

Parent Notification (email 11/12)

Sports Announcement (phone dialer 10/22)

Parent Notification (email 10/22)

Family Message (phone dialer 10/16)

Family Message (email 09/30) 

Family Message (email 09/25)

Family Message (email 09/04)

Family Message (email 08/31)

Second Materials Distribution Schedule 

Zoom Down (email 08/24)

Family Message (phone dialer 08/07)

Daily Schedule for Remote by Necessity Learning (mailed and emailed 07/31)

Family Message (phone dialer 07/31)

Family Letter (mailed and emailed 07/31) 

Required Materials Distribuition Schedule (emailed 07/30)

Amphi Academy Online Information (included with Family Letter 07/20)

Family Letter (mailed & emailed 07/20)

Message from our Principal (phone dialer 07/16)

Family Newsletter


Access to teacher websites that will provide information and direction to remote work.  

English Language Arts




Social Studies

Special Education

Fine Arts

Physical Education (PE)


Technology/Career Explorations


Tutorials for Parents and Students

Getting Started Video

Student/Parent Tutorial - This document is packed with all sorts of resources that can help you and your child.

Parents Guide to Google Classroom in 2020)

Google Classroom Tutorial for Students and Parents

ALEXS Info and Guide

Second Step (The Social Emotional Curriculum used in Homeroom Classes)


Amphitheater School District Information

COVID-19 Information 

District Reopening Plan 2020-2021

Digital Learning

Amphi Academy Online


Family Resources

Family Resources

Amphi Meal Program

Free and Reduced Lunch Application

FREE Zoom Parent Workshops in August (English and Spanish)