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We Need Your Tax Credit Donations!

We Need Your Tax Credit Donations!

Rio Vista Elementary school uses your tax credit donations to help fund our extra-curricular activities. They help us fund: 

  • Band & orchestra
  • Field trips
  • Science lab materials
  • Character education
  • Odyssey of the Mind
  • Future Problem Solvers
  • School performance materials

Your tax credit contribution gives kids an extra chance to stay in school, learn, & perform better in their classes. They help provide real-world, hands-on experiences that greatly add to the quality education students receie at Rio Vista.  

It Costs You Nothing to Donate!

As long as you do not donate more than the Arizona tax that you pay, this donation costs you nothing. For example if you pay $100 in taxes, you can only receive $100 credit on your taxes. You can choose to donate more than you owe, but will not receive a credit for more than you owe.

How Much Can I Donate?

For the public schools taxcredit, you choose to pay some of the state income tax you owe directly to an Amphi school. Married couples filing jointly can contribute up to $400, and individuals can contribute up to $200. Contributions must be made by 4/17/17 to be claimed on your 2016 taxes.

Ready to Contribute?

Follow this link to donate online or print out the tax credit donation form.