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District Announces a Common Early Dismissal Day for 2017-18

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Did you know that the Early Dismissal Day across the district will be changing for the 2017-18 school year? All Amphitheater Public Schools elementary and middle schools will dismiss students early on TUESDAYS. Whenever our high schools are scheduled for early dismissals throughout the year, they will also occur on Tuesdays.

Some of our schools already have their early dismissal days on Tuesdays, so any changes to their schedules should be minimal; however, this will be a change for many of our schools, parents, local child care providers, and our community.

We wanted to let you know of this change as early as possible as we know it may impact family arrangements for transportation and after school child care.

Why the change?

  • A common early dismissal day will encourage collaboration and consistency across the school district by allowing us to offer district-wide professional development opportunities for all staff on a common day.
  • If all schools dismiss early on the same day, there will be more buses available for student after-school activities and field trips.
  • A common early dismissal day will result in cost-savings for the district by streamlining current bus routes and reducing transportation costs.
For more information about the dismissal time at your school for the 2017-18 school year, please contact the school directly