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Urgent Message from the North Pole!

Nominate Someone You Know for an Amphie Gram

Amphie and a suitcase

We have received an urgent message from the North Pole. Amphie, our devoted elf, has reached out to us with an idea. As you may know, Amphie normally visits schools in December to play a little game where he poses for a picture and we then have everyone guess where he was. He’ll be doing that again this year.

But Amphie has heard about how COVID-19 has impacted our District, and he wants to help. He has consulted with his supervisors, and he has been granted permission to visit us earlier than usual to deliver Amphie Grams to lift our spirits. He packed his bag with a warm-weather outfit and plans to send Amphie Grams starting on Sept. 8.

To nominate someone who has been working hard or needs a pick-me-up, please fill out the form on this page. Amphie’s team of helpers will help deliver Amphie Grams through Nov. 25. After that, he’ll have to get ready for his normal winter visit!

Thank you, Amphie, for supporting our District!