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About the Covid-19 waiver

Information about Covid-19 waiver

We have received questions about the insurance documents parents received with their cohort assignment letters. The documents are forms that, if signed, reduce the District’s financial liability if any claims are found to be the District’s responsibility.

The need for these forms came about when the District learned that its standard insurance policy would not protect against damages claims related to COVID-19. The Amphitheater District therefore obtained a COVID-19 policy endorsement, essentially added coverage.  Most school districts in Arizona have obtained the same COVID-19 endorsement. 

The endorsement sets the deductible at $20,000 for any claim for which the District is found responsible if the District does not have a signed waiver on file for the claimant.  The deductible drops to $10,000 if the District has a signed acknowledgement, but no signed waiver. The deductible drops to zero ($0) dollars if the District can produce a signed waiver related to the claim.

Amphitheater Public Schools obtained the endorsement because we recognize our obligation to make financial decisions that are the least impactful to the community.

The Arizona Daily Star did a story on this insurance situation and how Districts are handling it. You can find it here: