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Let's Get Ready For Kindergarten!

Let's get ready for Kindergarten!

Let's get ready for Kindergarten!

We asked some of our Amphitheater experts--teachers, principals, administrators--for their advice for new kindergarten families. Here is what they had to say!

Brace yourself for ...

Tears. Yours and theirs. Probably more yours than theirs! Often, the kindergarten experience is harder on parents than kids. If your little one does cry, don't despair. They all stop, and they all adjust to the classroom.

Hunger. Expect your child to be starving at home. Kindergartners will eat at school, but all that brain work and activity can increase the appetite!

Fatigue. Children will be extra tired, even if they attended preschool. Kindergarten is on a different level.

Resistance. Sometimes kiddos don't want to go back to school. That's normal because, again, it's a huge change. Try focusing on a few of their favorite things about the first day to get them over the hump. In no time, they'll be ready to go happily every day.

 Questions. As your child goes through their kindergarten year they will be learning tons of information and will have questions about what they learn.

Tips for Prep

Institute your morning routine before school starts. Get children up early so they get used to it.

Put your child's name on everything (jackets, lunch boxes, water).

Experiment with packed lunches to make sure your child can open and manage everything.

Be sure that your child can handle toileting on their own including taking care of pulling up pants, snapping snaps, zipping zippers, etc.

Make sure you child knows his/her first and last name.

Make plans with another kindergarten parent (or drop-off veteran) to hang out on the first day in case you need moral support.

Be positive and excited for the kids on their first day! Your feelings will be mirrored by your child.

The first day

After you take your child in, say goodbye and leave quietly. Don't make a big deal of your departure. That may only upset your little one.

Communicate your child's route to and from school with your child and the teacher.

Extra tips

Make school a priority by being on time every day.

95% attendance is key (no more than 7 absences per year)

Read 15-30 minutes with your child every day

Get involved at school (PTO, class volunteer, etc)

Have questions for us?

If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask. Your teachers, principals and staff are happy to help. Or just email We will do our best to get the information you need within 24 hours