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        Amphi Academy Online is a standalone school serving students throughout the Tucson and Oro Valley communities. The school was formed years ago when the Amphitheater School District recognized that some parents may be looking for new or different learning options for their children.

        As a result, the District established a blended learning academy, where students receive online instruction through the use of online curriculum and Amphitheater teachers. Amphi Academy Online has offered online education for eight years in grades 6-12 and expanded for Elementary school in 2020-2021. Amphi Academy teachers are certified, highly qualified, and are specialists in their content areas.

        Teachers provide instruction, tutoring, acceleration opportunities, intervention, monitoring, and test proctoring while students work on their online courses.

        Students have the option of participating in extracurricular activities at their Amphitheater School District home school. All they need to do is contact their home school to get information about schedules and eligibility. Students may also take elective classes with their home schools.

        For more information or to enroll, please contact Joyce Abbe at 520-696-5173 or

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