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      Unlike a traditional school, Amphi Academy Online Middle School is a completely self-paced program where each student can work on each class whenever he/she wants to do so. There are no "LIVE" course classes or set class periods.  Instead, students are able to work on the Edgenuity courses at times that work best for them, and then they have the option to come join virtual study sessions or ZOOM meetings on specific topics that teachers may post in their Google Classrooms. Our AAO Middle School is excited to provide daily Homeroom LIVE ZOOM classes that are optional, and those are at set times each day based on grade level. 

      We are excited to announce that we will soon be starting our AVID Elective for AAO Middle School students. This is a pilot program which allows us to bring the amazing AVID program to all of our AVID Middle School students in an online forum that has never been done before. In fact, we are the only online middle school in the country providing AVID in this format. What a fantastic opportunity for all of us! 

      Students are also encouraged to reach out for help from your specific subject teacher to unlock a quiz/test, or to set up a study/review session with the subject teacher via ZOOM. There are no “set school hours/class periods” as long as students make sure they complete 30 hours of coursework each week. We recommend a goal of 4-5 hours per weekday on the Edgenuity classes, plus 5-10 hours of other educational time (Zoom Homeroom meetings, study time, research, AVID elective, etc) which should be documented on the weekly learning log through the main Amphi Academy Google Classroom. All newly enrolled students should have received a link to join the content area Google Classrooms. Please email Mrs. Keene or Ms. Di Vetta if you have not received any of these emails, so they can be resent. Students should make sure to check their Google Classrooms and their SCHOOL 300#@student.amphi.com Gmail accounts frequently to make sure to stay on top of assignments and messages from AAO teachers.



    ALL NEW STUDENTS also need to make sure you have reviewed the a slideshow presentation(click the link above), and don't forget to complete your first assignment in the Welcome to AAO Midddle School Google Classroom. The slideshow and Google Classroom materials should help prepare you for a great 2nd Quarter. 


    ATTENTION NEW AAO MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS: If you haven't yet attended one of our LIVE "WELCOME TO AAO MS/NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION" ZOOM meetings, please join us TOMORROW, 11/5 at 1:00pm! The ZOOM link and information are located in our "Welcome to AAO Middle School" Google Classroom (Check your student gmail for the "join" link). Please sign into the ZOOM on time or a little early to make sure you don't miss anything as we have a lot of information to cover. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU HAVE ALREADY ATTENDED AN ORIENTATION MEETING AND JUST HAVE SOME ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS, please stop by around 2PM to catch the end of the meeting for a question and answer session.



    Ms. DiVetta and Mrs. Keene