• Amphi Academy Grade 6th - 12th

    Amphi Academy Online for Middle and High School is an established, accredited program that offers an excellent alternative learning option for students who need flexibility in their education or who are not comfortable with an in-person environment.

    Amphi Academy Online allows students to have control over their pace of learning as they complete their schoolwork while also having the support of Amphitheater teachers**. Amphi Academy Online utilizes curricula that fits each student’s needs and has advanced online course options in specific content areas, as well as learning in all core subjects and world languages.

    The approved curricula for middle and high school are provided by Edgenuity™. Courses are also offered in a credit recovery and honors version.

    **It is important that all AAO students frequently check their Amphi student gmail inbox each day so they do not miss important assignments or messages from teachers. 


    New to Amphi Academy Online for Middle/High School? 

    Important Information to Help You Get to Know the Edgenuity Program 

    Edgenuity is a  "self-paced" program which allows students to work at their own pace while learning subject content and heading towards course completion.  Unlike traditional  school, Edgenuity courses are broken into separate semester classes, with each course needing to be completed by the end of that semester. Students and parents can see "real time" progress and current grades in all courses at anytime through the student and parent portals. 

    Students: Before starting your courses on Edgenuity, it is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the program and tips/tools for student success. The links below will bring you to the Edgenuity student help center which is filled with great videos, note taking tips, Edgenuity report guides, and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).  Taking the time to go through these videos will really help you get set up for success on this new "self-paced" learning platform.  

    Edgenuity.com Site



    Students - Click here for helpful videos/tips to help you find success with Edgenuity.


    Parents/Guardians: We encourage you to take an active role in your student’s learning experience with Edgenuity. To help you do that, Edgenuity offers access to both emailed progress reports and access to the family portals so you can monitor your student’s progress at any time, as well as receive regular progress reports sent directly to your email account. Please make sure your email is up-to-date and on file when you register your student. 

    Welcome to Edgenuity Parent Letter

    The Family Portal is a site that allows parents access to current information about their student's progress and performance. Additionally, Edgenuity offers the ability for educators to have progress reports automatically emailed to parents. This article will provide information on configuring and using the Family Portal, as well as configuring automated progress emails. Parents have the option to receive the progress emails, activate the parent portal, or both.

    Family Portal Progress Reports

    Knowing how your student is performing in their courses is important, so we want to to ensure that you not only have access to that information, but also know how to interpret it. Find more information here about reading and understanding the emailed progress reports: 

    Monitoring Your Student's Progress