• Adria's Classroom Information

    The classroom revolves around a very structured routine classroom schedule

    Every student works at their own pace of learning

    We expect learning, growth, some independence, communication, and making friendships

    The three major tasks for students to achieve is communication, transitioning from one activity to another, listening and following directions

    Learning will always be fun, safe, productive, and building up their self-esteem for each of the student's to feel comfortable and happy when they are in their classroom


    In our classroom, it is important that we try our best every single day. We may not always get it right the first time, but we always keep trying and never give up until the student achieves their goal. The last thing, is we try to encourage each of the students who have the ability to speak, for student's who are non-verbal to use pictures cards or different communication devices to help them improve their speaking abilities by having them practice their speaking skills on a daily basis by encouraging them to ask for things, ask for help, and to communicate thier feelings, wants, and needs in the classroom.


    Helpful Hints and Reminders:

    Please help your child to have the greatest day possible:

    • Make sure your child comes to school well rested.
    • Make sure your child comes with a backpack with the necessary items.
    • If any changes happens in your child's life, please let us know.