• *Suggestions for getting started-

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    Start with 1-2 lessons a day  

         (We are starting slow and seeing what works for you and your child.)

      •You are welcome to also follow the Class Schedule     

    -1 Language Assignment

    -1 Math or Numbers Assignment

    Maybe: 1 Art  or  Living Skill Task

                       (Dont forget about the WEBSITE resourses I provided)

    *1st day Activities:    Aug. 10th 2020

    - A starter suggestion, if the students wants to start on another activitiy sheet thats great

    Language: (From Packet sent)- Back to school-worksheet-reading page and event sequence

           directions:  Highlight unlined words.  Cut and paste,  

           Match number to picture sequence from the story read and the words underlined.

            from a choice of 2-3  ask the student "Which event came 1st from the story we read?"...........

         *Web site for Laguage Activities:    https://www.abcya.com/ 

    Math/ Numbers:   (from packet sent)-  Add and/or Color-worksheet- use number line, Calculator, or manipulatives to Add

           * Web site for Numbers Activities:   

    Color and/or Paint:  Abstract school picture