• Athletic Participation Requirements

    In order to participate and attend practices for any sports program, please complete
    and submit an Athletics Registration Packet.

    If you are registering with a computer off campus, you will be prompted for permission. You will need to log into your student.amphi account on Google and then you should be able to register. 


    Click here for 4th Quarter Sports Registration



    4th Quarter Athletic Practices begin Monday March 21! 



    Please return the following completed forms, which are included in the Activities Packet:

    • Consent and Emergency Information
    • Acknowledgement of Rules
    • MTBI Acknowledgement Form
    • AIA Concussion Form
    • Physical Evaluation (Physician signature required on Pages 13 AND 14)
    • Paid Participation Fee - $10.00 (per sport) 

    Students must have a GPA of 2.0 with no F's or U's in any subject the previous quarter.