• Welcome to Coronado K-8 athletics

    Regular practices are every day after school (except for Wednesdays) from 3:45-5:15. Coaches may offer additional, optional practice at the beginning of the season to prepare for the first game. Please communicate with your child's coach about the practice times and expectations for the upcoming season.


    After practice, athletes can take the activity bus to Catalina or Rancho Vistoso. Please check with the office for drop off times and locations.

    Pickup is at 5:15 on the West side of the school by the Cougar. Please pull forward to pick up your child, so as not to block Wilds Road. If you have last minute changes, please call the office before 4:00 pm to send a message to your child.

    There is no activity bus on game days, so athletes will need alternate transportation. Please communicate with them about their pick-up time and location. In addition, please show courtesy to our coaching staff by arriving on time, as students should not be left waiting after games. 

    Grades are an essential part of participation in athletics. Students are expected to keep their grades at a 2.0 GPA or above. A child's previous quarter grade will determine whether or not they are eligible for the upcoming season.

    Additionally, there will be a midseason progress check in which students will take a grading sheet to each teacher to gather grades. These grades will determine eligibility for the remainder of the season.

    If an athlete has an F, U, or a GPA under 2.0, the students can take a grade sheet to their teachers every week until their grades are satisfactory. Ineligible students may practice with their team but may not participate in games or attend away games.

    Cougar Pride

    Coronado athletes should strive to demonstrate Cougar Pride by choosing to be respectful, responsible, and collaborative. Participation in cougar athletics is a great way to collaborate with others.


     All students will require a water bottle (or two) as sharing will not be allowed.

    We look forward to working with your athlete. Your coach will communicate game dates, times, transportation, and protocols with your child. Feel free to email questions to your coach or the Athletics Director.