• Dear Coronado Parents,

    Welcome to athletics at Coronado K-8. We look forward to starting each quarter with new sports and new goals. Parents and guardians of Coronado student athletes and their children should read the following letter together in order to discuss afterschool schedules, rides and time management with school work. As the season starts, we want to keep the parents up-to-date with this and other valuable information.

    Practice Schedule
    Regular practices are everyday after school except for Wednesdays. Some coaches will have additional optional (Saturday and/or Tuesday) practices at the beginning of the season to prepare for the first game/event. Please communicate with your child's coaches to discuss practice times and expectations for the upcoming season.

    Parent Pickup and Activity Busses
    After practice ends, the athletes can take the activity bus to either Catalina or Rancho Vistoso. The activity bus has an adjusted drop off schedule, please see the schedule at the front office for exact locations. Parent pick is at 5:15 on the West side of the school (by the Cougar). Please do not park/wait for athletes on the North side or by any curb that is painted red. If you have last minute changes to your child's transportation home, please call the office before 4:00 pm and a message will be sent to your child.

    During games, the activity bus is not available due to games not finishing until after 5:30 pm. Your child will need alternate transportation. Please communicate with your son/daughter and determine a suitable time to be picked up immediately after their game ends. Coronado policies state that students should not be left waiting after home or away games. It is unfair to the coaches to make them wait for late parents.

    Grading Policy and Expectations
    Grades are an essential part of participating in after school athletics. Athletes are expected to keep their grades at a 2.0 GPA or above at all times, especially when they are participating in a sport and representing Coronado. With this said, a child's previous quarter grade will determine whether or not they are eligible for the upcoming season. Additionally, there will be a midseason progress check. Students are expected to take a blank grading sheet around to each teacher, have their grades (including work habits and citizenship) recorded by teachers, have parents sign and then return it to the Athletic Director. Student will be given a due date and at least one week to gather grades. If the grade sheets come back without Fs and Us and over a 2.0 GPA, they will be granted eligibility for the remainder of the season. If the sheets have an F, U or GPA under a 2.0, the students can take around another grade sheet to teachers each week until their grades are brought up. Ineligible students are able to practice with the team but are not eligible to participate in games.

    All of this information and more is available at the front office and this very website. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email.


    Joy Ochoa
    Athletic Director