• Welcome to Keeling's Student Council and Kindness Club


    Mrs. Klein & Ms. Urrea           Twin Day!

    Co-facilitators: Mrs. Klein and Ms. Urrea

    Student Council is an after school club meeting every Monday from 2:10-4:15. Our club provides 4th and 5th grade students with an opportunity to exemplify leadership skills. Student Council members follow the Keeling P.B.I.S. Expectations, our Cougar Code, (Be Respectful, Responsible, Safe, and Persevere) to promote excellent values and outstanding character to our student body. This club is also a Kindness Club to promote ideals and spread kindness.

    Our Mantra:

    We will do what we can

    to make our community

    a kinder, more positive place. 

    Student Council members accomplish this goal through weekly meetings where members collaborate and organize ideas to improve our school and community. The elected officers organize and guide the meetings.



      Pictures Above: Aaliyah (Historian) Alondra (President) Yaretzi (Secretary)

       Derek (Vice President)

    Some current ideas, topics, and actions of Keeling Student Council this school year:

    • Spreading kindness to everyone on campus.
    • Continuing our school wide recycling program.
    • Developing spirit days to correspond with Keeling's monthly spirit assemblies. 
    • Fundraising by selling Smencils, Smens, and holiday grams.
    • Always brainstorming and implementing Random Acts of Kindness.
    • Assisting teachers, younger students, and new students to Keeling.
    • Developing relationships with one another to accomplish a greater goal.
    • Awarding scholarships to students in 4th grade for the Grand Canyon trip and 5th grade for camp.