• Arrival

    Car Riders are to be dropped off between 7:10 am and 7:30 am.  The school is not responsible for supervising students prior to 7:10 am unless they are enrolled in the before school program (ACHIEVE). Any student arriving late for class must be brought immediately to the office for a tardy slip by a parent/guardian. 

    Walkers and Bike Riders are to use the sidewalks while arriving on campus.  For safety reasons, students should not ride their bikes once arriving on campus, but walk them to the bike rack.  No crossing guard or staff will be present during arrival in these areas.


    Car Riders are dismissed and brought to the car-loading area on Jacinto Street to be picked up by parents. Parents are to stay in the car at all times in this area.  If you have a conference scheduled with your child’s teacher or need to be on campus for any reason, please park in front of the school and sign in at the front office.  *ONLY individuals on the registration/Bio form may pick up a child.

    Bus and Day Care students are dismissed to designated areas.  Buses to the east side of campus and daycare to the front of the school. Remember, your child may only ride the bus to which he/she has been assigned.  

    Walkers and Bike Riders are dismissed to designated areas. Please insist that your child follow the directions for a safe dismissal. 


    Please do not ask your children to meet you in the parking lot or just off school grounds at dismissal.  By not following procedures developed for the safety of everyone, you teach your child that rules and laws should only be obeyed if you agree with them or when they are convenient. Do not park your car and walk to another dismissal area to pick up your child. This is for the safety and security of all students. Please follow all traffic patterns on campus.