Emergency COVID-19 RESPONSE and lessons

    Hello to all,

    In light of the recent events around the world, teachers have been asked to create online and at home lessons for students. First and foremost, for my English Language Arts students, I would like them to read for 30 minutes a day. This can be in any format they choose, (novel, graphic novel, comics, newspapers, magazines, etc.) Ideally, they should not be on their phone or other technology.  For this alone, I would prefer them to be totally "unplugged" and engaged in reading.  If you have a struggling reader, what better time for you to read TOGETHER?

    Secondly, this is an ideal opportunity for them to continue to write in their Daily Journal for 10 minutes, (or more?) You can give them a topic, they can write a response to their reading, or they can free write about anything they would like, (what better way to process this life-changing event?) Also, if you are able, you can write a reponse or questions to them back in their journal. (They LOVE this!)

    So, that is 40 minutes of our daily class period.  And neither of the above-mentioned things require internet or a computer. In the assignments sections, I have left a link for IXL Learning.  All students have a log-in and password for this licensed learning technology.  Have them log in and every day master at least TWO Language Arts skills at their level. We have already abeen using the program this year, and it keeps track of the lessons/skills that they have already completed. I can also monitor and keep track, (in live time if they are logged on), of their progress and where they need help.  This should easily round out at least an hour of Language Arts practice and skills a day.

    Please email me with any questions or concerns that you may have. And stay well. 








    I teach Middle School Language Arts Resource.  I have two sections each of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.  I will cover both Reading and Writing Standards in this class.  Some students have an additional Reading or Writing class in the general education setting.  Class sizes are small to allow for more individualized and scaffolded instruction.


    Class Expectations

    Students are expected to be responsible for their own learning and behavior.  As middle-schoolers, they need to accept and apply responsibility for assignments, including classwork and tests/quizzes.  I rarely give homework, but if they do not finish/complete classwork or other assignments in class, the expectation is that they will complete it at home and return it.  I am flexible, however, I still hold them to a high standard in their learning.



    Helpful Hints & Reminders

    Every day, each student will complete a journal entry, and a Daily Language Review.  Completion of these results in an automatic 100% in that category of their grade. 



    Other Information







    Helpful Hints