• Check Out Policy 

    Kinder: may check out one book per week, book will stay in classroom cubby

    1st Grade: may check out one book per week

    2nd - 5th Grade: may check out two books per week

    *The loan period is one week, although students can renew books that require more time. 

    *Students may not check out additional books until all checked out material is brought back to school.

    *For 3rd grade and above, I will typically ask students to check out one chapter book and one "free choice" book.  



  • My Philosophy on Book Choice 

    I believe children need the opportunity to explore many different options when choosing the "right" book for themselves.  No matter what grade level, some children are all about picture books and others want to dig into chapter books.  Some love fiction, while others live for facts.  Some children want a book just because it has 400 pages and that can be very empowering.  I will do the best I can to support our students in their reading adventures. Sometimes that means they will come home with books that may be above or below their current reading level just for fun or curiosity.  Sometimes they may choose a book just because it was purple or it had a dinosaur on the cover. That's okay.  If a student opens the books and reads just one sentence, I say embrace it!  Of course, the end goal is to support and develop a love of reading, so I will do the best I can to continue to foster student's curiosity while making sure they have a balance of fun and challenge.  Please let me know if I can help your child find their next favorite book.