• Introduction to your class:


    My class will feature a variety of activities that work on fundamental skill concepts, movement principles while also promoting personal fitness, and character development. Activities will focus on beginner and intermediate skills and movement principles while promoting character traits such as sportsmanship, teamwork, and safety.





    Introduction to your class expectations:


    Through the Physical Education program, my hope is that your child discovers fun and enjoyable ways to live a healthy active life.

    • I expect everyone to participate and try their best.
    • I expect students to listen and follow directions.
    • I expect students to treat equipment safely and with care.
    • I expect students to use self-control.
    • I expect students to treat teacher and each other with respect
    • I expect students to have fun!





    Helpful Hints & Reminders


    Parents please help child remember to wear comfortable clothes and sneakers to their PE days.





    Other information

    District Track Meet- March 4th