• At Cross Middle School we are committed to providing a quality mathematical education to help students prepare for their futures. Math can help build a foundation of information and skills needed to solve problems, think creatively and critically, function as a citizen, and collaborate with others. Our rigorous curriculum is designed to help prepare students for future success in high school, college, and/or a career pathway.

                    We believe in a curriculum that meets the needs of individual students. Cross provides blended learning math classrooms. Students spend time each week working in the Aleks program with teacher support to learn individualized instruction. To learn more about the Aleks program please visit their site at  https://www.aleks.com/about_aleks/overview. We also use the Savvas EnVision 2.0 textbooks (https://www.savvas.com/index.cfm?locator=PS2xIm), and many other resources to help students meet and exceed the state standards for math instruction.

    Different students learn differently. We offer both intervention classes to support struggling learners and advanced placement in classes for students ready to move ahead in the math curriculum at an accelerated pace. Our teachers work hard to provide differentiated instruction for all students so that everyone can reach their potential.

    At Cross Middle School:

    We are proud to offer the following classes at Cross currently.

    • Course One Math (sixth-grade math)
    • Course Two Math (seventh-grade math)
    • Course Three Math (eighth-grade math)
    • Math Intervention (grades six, seven, and eight)
    • Algebra 1 (high school credit class)
    • Geometry (high school credit class)


    Leah Falcon
    Sixth Grade Math Teacher

    Math Department Chair
    Cross MS