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    Here Comes the Bus!

    A School Bus Tracking App for Parents

    Amphitheater School District is pleased to introduce a free new app, Here Comes the Bus, to help you manage your student's transportation to and from school and monitor the location of their school bus in real time. This app is available for both Android and iPhone. You can also create an account using the Here Comes the Bus website.

    The District code to enter when signing up is 29321, and a link to instructions is below.

    With Here Comes the Bus, you can send your student to the bus stop at just the right time, helping to avoid missed buses or long waits in freezing temperatures, pouring rain, the hot sun or rush-hour traffic.

     Instructions for creating an account

     Frequently Asked Questions:

    • Will special needs buses be included in the app?
      Yes, all Amphitheater school buses will be included and can be tracked on the Here Comes the Bus app. Students who are assigned to contracted services will not be able to be tracked with Here Comes the Bus.
    • Do I have to use the app to get transportation notifications?
      While the Here Comes the Bus app does include the ability to send push notifications to your mobile device without opening the app, the system will also send out traditional text alerts and emails which can be received without using the app at all.
    • Who do I contact if I have an emergency regarding transportation of my student?
      You should contact your child's school Main Office or the Amphitheater Transportation Department.
    • Where do I report problems with the app?
      For non-emergency app issues, please email the District’s Here Comes the Bus (HCTB) Coordinator at Here Comes the Bus Email. We do ask for some patience in the early weeks of this roll-out as our Transportation Department learns the system and works to resolve any problems that might arise.
    • Can I share my student's information with a caregiver who helps us with tranportation?
      Yes, the system will allow multiple devices for a single login.
    • Does my student still have to be out at the bus stop before the scheduled pickup time?
      Yes, please follow the normal procedure of being at the bus stop ten (10) minutes before the student’s scheduled pickup time.


    Key Features:

    • Find your bus quickly and easily: See the exact location of yourstudent’s school bus using your own customizable map.
    • Access arrival & departure info: Confirm yourstudent’s bus has arrived at the bus stop and at school, both before and after school.
    • Get updates via email or push notification: Be notified when the bus is within five minutes of your stop, has a schedule change and more.
    • Track all of your students: Have students that ride separate buses? Here Comes the Bus lets you keep tabs on each one.
    • Know your privacy is protected: To use Here Comes the Bus, parents will be issued a private ID number, which grants them access to their student’s bus only.

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