• Welcome Welcome to Copper Creek Elementary School

    Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year at Copper Creek Elementary School.  Enclosed in this "First Day Packet" you will find a great deal of information regarding the upcoming year.  

    If you moved over the summer and have not submitted a new proof of residency (e.g. lease, gas, water, or electric bill), please do so immediately so we are able to have your correct address on file.  A current Proof of Residency is required by the Amphitheater District for all families.

    Since we do not print hard copies of our newsletters, menus, etc., please sign up to the Hawk/PTO mailing list to receive information.  

    First Day Packet Checklist

    This packet contains the following:

    To keep for your records:

      • Welcome letter from the Copper Creek PTO

    Informational forms that must be signed and returned to the office: 

      • Amphitheater School District Health Card
        (Must be completed for each child enrolled at Copper Creek)

      • McKinney-Vento Regulations/Questionnaire (if applicable)

      • Cell Phone Agreement and Copper Creek Bus Route (bus information can be found on our website)

      • Copper Creek Compact (Must be signed by parent/guardian AND student)

     Other information you will want to read or print can be found on the Copper Creek website:

    (follow the link under “Parents & Students” to the “Registration” page)