• At Nash we learn about and experience music through all modes of expression: singing, playing instruments, moving and dancing, listening intently, and creating new music. This is a class where we experiment. We try and, at the beginning, often fail but as we keep trying we get better and eventually something beautiful appears.

    Monday classes

    4th Grade - Mrs. Lossou-Lossavi

    3-4-5 Grades - Mrs. Sanzo

    2nd Grade - Mrs. Derksen

    Kinder - Ms. Mendez

    1st Grade - Mrs. Gates


    Wednesday classes

    3-4-5 Grades - Mrs. Martinez

    4th Grade - Ms. Lopez

    3rd Grade - Mr. Chavez

    2nd Grade - Mrs. Roberts

    Kinder - Mrs. Cote

    1st Grade - Mrs. Luciano


    Thursday classes

    5th Grade - Ms. Valenzuela

    K-1-2 Grades - Mrs. Ryan

    3rd Grade - Mr. Curry

    2nd Grade - Ms. Stender

    Kinder - Mrs. Lemieux

    1st Grade - Ms. Martin


    Friday classes

    5th Grade - Ms. Taylor-Stevens

    2nd Grade - Ms. Purcell

    Kinder - Mrs. Bosse

    1st Grade - Ms. Williams


    Band classes

    After school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays