• HEY EXCELLENT NASH ELEMENTARY KIDS! I bet you love music and wish you could learn more. Well, now you can! Check out my new links. There's music to listen to and tutorials to learn more! Have you bought a ukulele, recorder, or keyboard, yet? Now's a great time to do that! I've included links to good, inexpensive instruments. 

    Check out the ♦Class Materials page and the ♦Web Resources page for information. 

    Enjoy your time at home, use the time to learn something new and fun, and treat your parents and siblings well!!! 

    At Nash we learn about and experience music through all modes of expression: singing, playing instruments, moving and dancing, listening intently, and creating new music. This is a class where we experiment. We try and, at the beginning, often fail but as we keep trying we get better and eventually something beautiful appears.


    Monday classes

    4th Grade - Mrs. Lossou-Lossavi

    3rd-4th-5th Grades - Mrs. Sanzo

    2nd Grade - Mrs. Derksen

    Kindergarten - Mrs. Cote

    1st Grade - Mrs. Gates


    Wednesday classes

    Kindergarten-1st-2nd Grades - Mrs. Ryan

    4th Grade - Ms. Lopez

    3rd Grade - Mrs. Busch

    2nd Grade - Ms. Stefanski


    Thursday classes

    5th Grade - Mr. Buckwalter

    3rd Grade - Mrs. Williams

    2nd Grade - Ms. Stender


    Friday classes

    5th Grade - Ms. Taylor-Stevens

    4th Grade - Mrs. Martinez

    3rd Grade - Mrs. Luciano

    Kindergarten - Ms. Martin

    1st Grade - Mr. Ernsky


    Band classes

    After school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays