Helpful Hints & Reminders


    In the Library:

    Students are expected to observe Library Rules and Expectations regarding library usage, including:

    • NO food or drinks in the Library
    • NO running around the library; walking feet
    • NO outside voices

    In an effort to provide Library patrons a quiet reading space, no more than four students allowed to sit at each table.  In other areas of the Library, whisper voices may be used at appropriate times.

    Library Computers:

    The mini computer lab is for AR quiz taking and Library search, ONLY.  Social media use not permitted on Library computers.

    Patron Library Book(s) Check Out:

    • Kindergarten - 1st Grades' students can check out one book at one time, for two weeks.
    • 2nd - 5th Grades' students can check out two books at one time, for two weeks.
    • Parents can register for a Library card any time of the year.  All you need is a student at Copper Creek and a Driver's License.  Parents can check out six books at once, for up to two weeks at a time.  
    • Teachers can check out as many books as needed for instructional, one month at a time.  If you require additional time, please renew.  


    Books may be renewed twice, provided no one else has requested the title.


    Everyone benefits from the prompt return of library books.  We do not issue late-fee fines.  However, if a book is lost, damaged, or not returned a replacement-cost fee will be applied to your account. If fees are not paid for by the end of the current school year, report cards will not be released until the student account is cleared of fees incurred.

    Lost or Damaged Books:

    There is a replacement cost for lost and damaged books.  Any books that are not returned by the end-of-school year will be considered lost.  Therefore, replacement cost for lost books will be applied to students account.