• Registration

    The following are required in order to register a student:

    • Birth Certificate - we must see original or certified copy
    • Immunization History - complete immunization record, preferably from doctor
    • Residency Documentation Form and Proof of Residency - Please see attached list of approved documents

    The following forms and items must be completed as a part of the registration process:

    • STUDENT REGISTRATION FORM: Complete the entire form, including your signature, and be sure to list your child's legal name. The first contact will be the primary and first emergency contact. Please list all other contacts in the order you would like them to be notified.
    • SCHOOL HEALTH AND EMERGENCY CARD: (Complete both sides of this card.) Emergency contact information is vital when an emergency arises. Please list someone other than yourself we can contact in an emergency; we will always try to contact you first. (If for some reason the information changes during the school year, call the office and we will gladly update your child's card.)
    • PARENT HOME LANGUAGE FORM: This school district form is required to be in every student's folder. Please sign and answer all questions on it.
    • MCKINNEY VENTO FORM: Please return this form by answering the two questions and then following the instructions.
    • REQUEST FOR STUDENT RECORDS: Complete this postcard if student has had any prior schooling.

    If there are any court orders (e.g. custody, restraining orders, etc.), please include documentation with registration forms. The school's administration is unable to enforce any court orders unless we have the legal documentation on file at the school.