• Welcome to English Language Development!

    What is English Language Development?

    We have many students from around the world that speak a variety of home languages.  Our goal is to help students learn and master English as quickly as possible.  Students receive direct instruction in reading and writing in English in smaller classes.  We also provide support in homeroom classes as needed.

    Definition of Students Needing EL Services

    Students speaking languages other English at home are assessed on lanugage proficiency using the AZELLA test.  Based on that assessment students are assigned to an EL classroom for 2 hours or more a day.

    The Role of the Elementary ELD Teacher

    Arizona state law requires that students who qualify for ELD services receive 120 minutes each day in order to receive targeted instruction in the English language.  During this time we work on broadening students' comprehension of English through practice in listening, speaking, reading, vocabulary, writing and grammar. One hour is dedicated to reading, vocabulary and listening/speaking skills.  The other hour is focused on writing and grammar skills.

    Elementary ELD Materials

    Teachers have a range of materials and programs from which to choose. As an ELD teacher I start my planning with Arizona English Language Proficiency Standards.  These standards are used to guide my instruction and ensure that students are progressing toward proficiency.  I also incorporate and support the Arizona State Standards that are being taught in homeroom classes. Additionaly, all 4th and 5th grade students at Prince access on line curriculum through Imagine Learning (language arts program) and Dreambox (math curriculum) as well as traditional research based materials and instruction daily.



    Classroom Rules

    *Follow the Mustang Code of Honor

    *Practice using a growth mindset

    *Use S.L.A.N.T.

    *Try your best