• Class Rules

    Keep my feet and hands to myself

    Raise my hand to talk

    Always do my best work

    Be kind to one another 

    Homework & Completed School Work

    Check your child's backpack EVERY day for completed work and/or information from the school.  Please do not keep papers in your child's backpack.  Completed work and school information should be removed each day.  The only thing that should be kept in your child's backpack is their work folder.

    Homework will be assigned through See Saw.  Students should complete any tasks assigned for the day and submit them to me on Seesaw. 


    Behavior Plan

    All Prince scholars are expected to follow the Code of Honor at school and at home:

    - Be Respectful

    - Be Responsible 

    - Be Safe

    - Be Kind

    Students who are having difficulty following classroom rules will be given "think time" either in our classroom or in another kindergarten classroom.  In Think Time they will be given an opportunity to calm down and reflect on the choice(s) they have made that need to be corrected.  We will decide together what they need to do to be successful and allowed to return to our classroom activies.  

     End of the Year Benchmark Goals for Kindergarten 

    Write name independently 

     Identify 12 shapes

    (circle, triangle, rectangle, square, sphere, cone, cube, cylinder, rectangular prism, pyramid, hexagon, trapezoid, rhombus

     Identify names and sounds for all 26 letters of the alphabet

    (capital & lower case in random order)

     Write all 26 letters of the alphabet with correct formation

    (capital & lower case in random order)

    Segments words into sounds (phonemes) & blend sounds to read words

    Retell stories with details that include a beginning, middle and end

    Read 50 sight words

    (NOTE: 75 is goal for easier transition to 1st grade)

    Read grade level text independently

    Write 2 or more sentences independently

    Identify and write numbers correctly from 0-20 (in random order)

    Count by 1's to 100

    Fluently add and subtract for fact familiey up to 10