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  • Fun Facts

    1. Bucky the Badger

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    UW-Madison’s famous mascot’s  full name is Buckingham U Badger, but he goes by Bucky.

    2. Farmer’s Market next to Wisconsin State Capitol Building

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    Since the university is located right next to the Wisconsin State Capitol building, students often attend many of the events held on the Capitol Square. The most popular event is the Farmer’s Market where on Saturday mornings from June through October farmers from across Wisconsin bring their best produce, honey, cheese, and flowers to the market.

    3. Epic Snowball Fight

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    Every winter the two opposing dorm locations (Southeast and Lakeshore) have an epic snowball fight on Bascom Hill. Hundreds of students show up to pelt each other with snow and some even bring trays and buckets to more efficiently hurl snow at one another.

    4. Freakfest/State Street

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    State street is located just on the edge of campus and is one of Madison’s best attractions. It is a pedestrian only walkway filled with all kinds of restaurants, shops, and cafes. It is also home to many parades throughout the year and Madison’s Halloween bash, Freakfest.


    5. UW-Madison Football


    Football is the most anticipated sport at UW-Madison and students are up early every year scrambling to get tickets! Tickets are usually available sometime in June and students wake up as early as 6 or 7 am to get ready for the extremely competitive scramble. Tickets are usually gone within half an hour!

    6. Memorial Library Stacks

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    UW-Madison’s Memorial Library is famous for its “stacks”. The stacks are little cages that students can lock themselves into in order to force themselves to study. While you are surrounded by creepy gray metal walls and old books, each stack has its own desk and outlet and is very isolated from the rest of the library. During finals week, some students lock themselves in the stacks for hours at a time!


    7. Piccolo Pete

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    A man nicknamed Piccolo Pete bikes around campus in a bright orange jumpsuit and plays his piccolo outside of the university’s bookstore. No one quite knows why but every UW-Madison student is bound bump into him at some point!

    8. 900+ Student Organizations


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    UW-Madison is home to over 900 student organizations! The most appropriate of which is, of course, The Badger Cheese Club.

    9. The Terrace

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    The university’s student union, Memorial Union, is home to “The Terrace” which overlooks Lake Mendota and is a beautiful space to hang out with friends or study during the warmer months. The Terrace is famous for its brightly colored chairs and great entertainment!

    10. Statue of Abe Lincoln

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    A statue of Abe Lincoln sits at the top of Bascom Hill and rubbing his foot is rumored to bring good luck. When UW-Madison students graduate, it is tradition to climb into Abe’s lap and whisper your hopes and dreams into his ear.