• Directions for Accessing Waterford and Seesaw

     1. Go to helloid.amphi.com



    2. Type in Username: 300#

    3. Type in Password: First name with a capital letter at the beginning 

    · Username, Password, and School Email Address are written inside of your Work Folder and on the back of your nametag.


    3.   Click on Waterford   reading   or    Seesaw


    When using Seesaw for the first time do this:

    - If you are on a School Chromebook: Click on  sign in

     - If you are on a Parent’s Laptop or Desktop: Click on i am a student

    - Type in the code provided by your teacher (contact your teacher if you do not have this)

    - Finish creating your account using your school email address (written in your work folder)