• Innovation Academy is a K-5 elementary school specializing in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

    Uniquely designed to weave the sciences into all aspects of learning, the school engages students in hands on, minds on relevant curriculum and instruction that utilizes technology and the arts to enrich and encourage learning. The school also offers a well-rounded education in reading, writing, social studies as well as instruction in art, music and physical education. All are essential components of a quality elementary education.

    The school has no neighborhood attendance boundaries and students from every area are eligible to apply for open enrollment. Due to the competitive nature of the open enrollment process, parents who want a STEM-focused education for their student(s) are strongly encouraged to apply for enrollment as early as possible. The school has been designed to hold 500 students in grades K-5, or roughly 80-85 students per grade level.

    We take tremendous pride in being an innovative school and in preparing our students for successful futures – which is important to us and the families we serve. Thank you for choosing Amphi Public Schools and Innovation Academy!