• Class Information    

    Welcome to 5th grade!  

        In 5th grade, students continue to strengthen their understanding and effective use of the skills and strategies across all elementary content areas – reading/language arts, mathematics, writing, science, and social studies.

    • Key math content areas include an understanding of fractions, decimals, and geometry, along with reinforcing and building on students’ abilities to add, subtract, multiply, and divide.  The focus in each area is 1) having a deep understanding of how and why the mathematical calculations work and 2) practical application of the mathematical skills.
    • Key reading content areas include high-level comparison and contrast of text, identification of the plot and theme of the text, and analysis and evaluation of the author’s purpose and/or characters’ actions.
    • Key writing content areas include main ideas and details, clear use of conventions of English, writing to persuade, entertain, inform, or teach, and use of multiple texts to respond to a prompt.
    • Key science content areas include the scientific process, planets and our solar system, and several of the human body systems.  
    • Key social studies content areas include Early American Inhabitants, Exploration of the Americas, and Colonial America.

       By the end of the year, all students are expected to meet our District and State Standards by making one or more years of growth.  By working hard and successfully engaging in the activities throughout the year, all students will make amazing growth!

    Class Expectations

        Class expectations in 5th grade are very straight forward.  All students are expected to do the best they can based on their individual potential.  Every child is expected to make significant growth –one or more years - throughout the school year.  By 5th grade, children know how to be respectful to adults and their peers, responsible for all of their actions, and safe in the choices they make.  At Rio Vista, students are reminded to practice all of these things daily, and not to make excuses.

        The classroom is a place for learning many academic, social, and emotional skills needed for life!  All students are expected to strive for individual learning while supporting their peers.  

    Helpful Hints & Reminders

    • For the most up to date reminders be sure to subscribe to Mrs. Wolf's ClassDojo for reminders.
    • Students have homework every night. Homework consists of a math page; cursive practice; reading 25 minutes and completing reading logs; and reading packets.
    • Math and reading packets are due each day and reading homework is due on Fridays.
    • Be sure to check your child’s planner, students need a parent signature each day.