Grade Supply List


    Dear Families,

    Welcome to 2nd Grade!  This supply list will provide tools and necessities to help us learn, be creative, stay organized and keep clean!  We know that school will be challenging for all during this Pandemic school year.  As a team, we are working to help students and families to have the tools and supplies necessary for learning. We have used our entire 2nd grade budget to order these supplies and will have them ready for families to pick up before August 10th. The supplies we are sending home is attached and all of these items are expected to be returned to the classroom when we resume in-person classes. Items missing will need to be replaced by the families.

    There are a few items that families will need to buy for remote learning at home and supplies that we need sent in once we resume in-person.

    Supply List for Remote Learning at Home

    #2 pencils Preferred: Ticonderoga           Glue sticks                  Bottle Glue

     Colored Pencils     Broad Line Markers                                                                                                                                                             

    Supply List For In-Person Learning (when we return to classrooms)

    2- Pocket folders with 3 different characters/designs

    They are more durable and last longer than the solid colored ones on sale.                                           

    1 Wide Ruled Spiral notebook (for writing stories)         

     Hand sanitizer (not hand soap-need to use without water)

    Lysol Wipes               Kleenex           Paper Towels  

    Paper Plates(No Styrofoam).             White Board Markers

    Flashcards for Math:

    Addition Subtraction Multiplication

    With Sincere Thanks,

    Mrs. Bigelow, Ms. LeFaive and Mrs. Hervert


    Second Grade Supply Box

    *Items sent home for Remote Learning in this box will need to be returned to school upon In-person class.


    • Readers Writers Notebook
    • Math Journal
    • Social Studies
    • Homework
    • Math Moves
    • Journals
    • Spelling Dictionary
    • Password Page
    • Welcome to 2nd Grade Booklet


    • Pencils
    • Glue stick
    • Scissors
    • Crayons
    • Fine Line Markers
    • Highlighters
    • Sharpener
    • Erasers
    • White Board
    • White Board Markers
    • Drawing Paper
    • Ruler