• Checkout Policy

    How often do students come to the library, and how many books can students check out?

    Kinder and 1st Grade classes visit the library every week, and students may check out one book for one week. 

    2nd through 5th Grade classes visit the library every week, and students may check out two books for two weeks.  

    Books may be renewed and kept longer if students have not finished reading them.

    Students may not check out if they have any overdue books, or if they have any unpaid fines for lost or damaged books. 

    Important conversation to have at home:  Our students vary in age, reading levels, and maturity levels, and our library has a diversified collection of literature meant to meet the needs and interests of all our students.  While our library is organized in a way that helps steer students toward books at their "just right" reading level, the personal interest of students play a large role in the choice of books students check out.  If there is a subject matter that you prefer your child not read about, please have that conversation with him/her, so he/she may be prepared to choose books in keeping with your wishes.