Phone: (520) 696-3811


Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Psychology Northern Arizona University M.Ed. Elementary Education Northern Arizona University

Mrs. Megan Tucker, 2nd Grade Teacher

During my many hours as a parent volunteer and my journey to get my teaching certification, I realized that my excitement about learning and my focus on eduction was something that my children and the students I was working with were paying close attention to.  It was then that I realized that I was exemplifying the importance of education to my children and that my love of learning could positively affect the children around me.


Core Educational Beliefs

Mistakes are a necessity in learning. All students are valuable and can achieve great success if they have a safe environment in which to learn, the proper tools, and the belief that they can do it!


My Hobbies in a Classroom Setting

I believe in providing different strategies for learning, so I incorporate many of my hobbies in the classroom, hoping that they will provide different modes of learning for different students.  I love reading, art, drama, sign language, and animals and I use them throughout our lessons to add some fun and innovative activities to learning.