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    stethoscope        Our Health Aide is here to assist students that are ill or injured during the school hours, administer medication if needed and monitor chronic health students. If your child has a chronic health condition, such as asthma, diabetes, a seizure disorder or severe food allergies and requires a care plan or medication to be kept at school, please contact the Health Office. 

    Our goal is to "keep students healthy, because healthy students learn better."  Have your child start their day by eating a nutritious breakfast, encourage them to drink plenty of water & get a full night's rest.  As general guidelines, please keep your child home if they don't appear well and have any symptoms. Please notify the Health Aide if your child is absent with symptoms, diagnosed with a contagious illness or if there are any changes in their health or medication(s).

                *** ONLY parents/ guardians are to bring medication to the Health Office & MUST sign a medication administration form ***              medication

     If your child should require a prescription or non-prescription (OTC) medication to be taken during school hours, please call or stop by the Health Office for information, you may click on the District Health Services link for the District's policy on medication(s) in schools.  Do NOT send your child to school with cough drops or any medication (exception to inhaler, Epipen & diabetic meds.). All "over the counter" & Prescription Medications must be FDA approved (no naturopath/ homeopathic).    

     Please make sure your child is up to date on immunizations and as they receive them, send a copy to the Health Office. Please view the Health Office News page for immunization information. To view the state immunization requirements, click on the Arizona Department of Health Services link on the Resources page. 

    Please contact the Health Aide with any questions regarding screenings, medications, immunizations or reporting an illness.

    Thank you for your help keeping our students & campus safe.



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