• Introduction to my class:

    In my class, we work on reading, writing, and math skills essential to success in the general education classroom. The students are re-taught information as well as acquiring key skills for accessing the curriculum that they had been taught during their general education classes. We are constantly working towards getting the students to be on grade level. Many students learn in different ways, but we are constantly working on obtaining the skills that they will need to work in the general education classroom effectively and efficiently.

     Class Expectations:

    The students in my classroom are expected to treat each others and all adults in the classroom with the same amount of respect that they want to be treated with. When someone is talking or sharing information with the rest of the class, all other students are expected to respect the others in participating without distractions and without annoyances.

    Students in my class are expected to take responsibility for their actions, whether they be positive or negative. Students are encouraged to share their opinions as well as insight on what they know about different topics that we are covering. Many students in the special education program are very bright, and just haven’t had an opportunity to share their ideas with anyone. My classroom is a great place to do this in.

    Helpful Hints and Reminders:

    Children in the Special Education program already have difficulties with their homework, so any time that they could get support with their homework would be extremely beneficial. Any help that you can give to your student would be extremely beneficial for your student.

    Depending on the week, there are reading assignments in which the students are to get three signatures proving that they did the reading.

    Other Pertinent Class Information:

    If your student needs extra help with their homework and need assistance with it, they can show up early and bring it to my classroom. If I am not in a meeting that particular morning, I would love to work with your child on any assignment that they need help with.