• Innovation Academy has a strong Odyssey of the Mind program!

    Since 2018, we have had over 200 students participate in our OM program!  We have had 4 teams qualify for the state finals and 3 teams qualify for the World finals!

    In the spring of 2022, we took 21 students and their families to Iowa State University to compete with teams from all over the globe!

    OM worlds 2022

    World Finals Iowa

    OM  OM world finals 2022

    Innovation Academy has an excellent Odyssey of the Mind program.  O.M. is a world-wide creative problem solving program. Not only is a lot of fun, but it promotes "outside of the box" thinking and creative problem solving in students.  O.M is comprised of teams. Each team has 5-7 members and 1-2 coaches. The team works most of the school year to find a creative solution to a problem, then they present their solution at a competition.  Students must learn to collaborate and work together to create their solution -- and do it all on their own! Students also learn to work together to solve spontaneous problems. This is another part of the competition and not only requires the team to have excellent team work and communication skills, but challenges the students to think on their feet. OM helps students develop creative problem skills that help them be successful in aspects of life.


    Odyssey of the Mind is a team-driven creative problem solving competition.
    Team-driven: The team does everything themselves- makes props, costumes, writes scripts, etc. Team-driven also means students learn fundamentals of being on a team- cooperation, collaboration, sharing, etc.
    Creative: Teams will create objects you never would think of - and that's great!
    Problem solving: Not what you would imagine. OotM problems are more like guidelines. Create an 8 minute skit with a serious character, a silly character, a song, a dance, and something that changes form. Part of "problem solving" is answering that, but the other part comes from dealing with problems that spring from that: "How do we make costumes?" "How do we cut wood?", etc.
    Competition: Teams will compete against others who worked on the same problem, and you'll be amazed how different everybody's solutions are!


    • Long term problems
    • Style elements
    • Spontaneous problems


    • Primary Teams: Kindergarten-2nd Grade
    • Division I Teams: 2nd-5th Grade
    • Division II Teams: 6th-8th Grade
    • Division III Teams: 9th-12th Grade
    • Division IV Teams: Collegiate Level





    Creative Problem Solving

    CPS cpsp



     If you would like more information please check out Arizona's Odyssey of the Mind website.



    AZ OM Vision Statement

    In order to promote critical thinking and creative problem solving skills for students from kindergarten through college, Arizona Odyssey of the Mind envisions growing our membership, strengthening team achievement, and increasing community involvement and awareness.


    If you are interested in participating or learning more about Innovation Academy's Odyssey of the Mind program please contact Ms. LaRussa at llarussa@amphi.com


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