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  • Gary Sandoval


    Name: Gary Sandoval

    Sport: Football

    Title: Football-Denfendive Coordinator



    Favortie Quote: "Somewhere inside, we hear a voice, It leads us in the direction of the person we wish to become. But it is up to us whether or not to follow."

  • Background:

    I have coached high school football for 14 years. My first 4 years of coaching started at Mesa High School. I then coached at Morenci high school for 6 years. I was a Defensive Coordinator 2 of those years and Head coach  3 of those years. I also coached Track and Field for 4 years. I have been coaching football at Amphi 4 years and counting...


    On staff of a Mesa High School team and Morenci High School team who were the runner's up in the state title game in the 5a division and 2a division.

  • What I LOVE about Coaching...

    I Love the opportunity coaching gives me to be a positive influence to our young men and women.