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    Welcome to Transportation Services!

    Safe and dependable transportation is essential to the operation of the school district. Our drivers not only provide student transportation, but also serve as role models and student advocates. The parents, administrators, and the Governing Board trust the safety and well-being of the children of this district to them. The professional attitude and quality of our mechanics, attendants and drivers is how we successfully accomplish our mission.

    The transportation of school children is an integral part of our educational system and requires the dedication and cooperation of many individuals. However, the ultimate responsibility to ensure the safe transportation of our children rests with the school bus drivers. The Transportation Department goes to great lengths to ensure the quality and skill of its bus drivers, and the safety of the children they drive to school every day. They must know what to do in an emergency or accident. This past school year, the Transportation Department has driven over 1,700,000 miles and picked up or delivered over 1,305,000 students; with a chargeable accident rate of .0.00000235 accidents/per miles traveled.