2024-2025 Academic Guide

    The 2024-25 Amphitheater Academic Guide outlines important information about our academic programs and policies, including the course selection process, graduation requirements, and grading system. More importantly, this catalog outlines the diverse course offerings available to you. Please note that courses may change based on enrollment or staffing.

    The course selection process empowers you to create an academic program to best meet your interests. As you consider which courses to choose, ask yourself the following questions:

    What are your interests? Course selections should represent your unique interests and provide you with the opportunity to explore new academic areas while building on areas of strength.

    What are your post-secondary goals? Your academic program should lay the foundation for a well-rounded education that supports your pursuits after graduation.

    What extra-curricular demands do you have? Your schedule should provide an appropriately challenging program that will push you to grow, but also balance the many activities and responsibilities you have outside of the academic day.

    Additionally, take the following into consideration:

    Teacher recommendations: Your current teachers have purposefully recommended courses in which they believe you will find success. If you have questions about those recommendations, please talk with your teachers to gain a better understanding of why they made the recommendation.

    This is your path! Remember that your abilities and interests are unique to you. Therefore, the courses you select should reflect that, not the experiences or interests of others. Take time to talk with your family about your choices, as they can provide guidance as you consider what is best for you.

    Your counselor is here to help. You will meet with your counselor in a small-group setting to make course selections. If you have questions, reach out to them for input and support during the process.

    Amphitheater Public Schools is proud of the rich academic program we provide. Course selection is an exciting time to look forward to new opportunities in the next school year. Do not hesitate to call your counselor for assistance. We want your program and related course selections to be right for you.

  • Know what you want to do? Have no idea? Start with a plan. These websites can help.

    • Major Clarity - This program is designed to help students complete their ECAP for graduation. This site has career exploration, academic planning, college research, scholarships and much more. 
    • My Next Move / oNet Online Interest Profiler - This interest survey leads to career clusters that might help you find a path to follow through and after your formal education. Mi Próximo Paso incluye tareas, aptitudes, información sobre salarios y más de 900 carreras diferentes.
    • ME3 - Sign up and use pictures to help learn about interests, careers, and college majors related to those careers. Created by ASU
    • CareerExploration.com lists information about career areas, academic majors, and career tests - with links to learn more about them - including professional and trade associations, government resources, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations. Browse to explore possible career areas, or use the search feature to go to a specific career. Public and free to use for everyone!