• Financial Aid and Scholarships for college are available in 5 ways

    • Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA)
    • Grants (Free Money)
    • Scholarships (Free Money)
    • Work-study
    • Loans (money must be paid back)

    How do Amphitheater High School students find information about scholarships?

    • The BEST way to find scholarships to apply for is to apply to universities you are interested in.  Why?  Well, for example, both the U of A and ASU have dedicated matching scholarship searches ONLY available to students who have been accepted.  The scholarships you find in University portals are vetted (legitimate) and usually matched to your strengths, which increases your chances to earn them.
    • Speak with your school counselor, college advisor or Gear Up coach for up-to-date information.
    • Check AHS counseling website frequently.
    • Check out the Amphi Scholarship Bulletin here.
    • Use scholarship search engines on Collegeboard www.collegeboard.org

    There are two types of scholarships, Merit Based Institutional scholarships and "Private" or "External" scholarships.  To get Merit Based institutional scholarships, try to get the best grades possible all through high school, keeping your G.P.A. (Grade Point Average) close to 4.0, which is the highest you can get.  The great thing about Merit Based Institutional scholarships is that you don't need to apply for them as a senior.  When you apply to Universities, you will be awarded them automatically based on your high school performance.  Many Amphi students who go to a university after high school rely on these scholarships to help pay for school every year.

    Private or External scholarships are competitive scholarships that have different types of eligibility criteria.  Many websites have lists of these types of scholarships.  But, you need to be sure that the scholarship is legitimate.  If a scholarship ever asks you to send money, it is not a real scholarship.  Please talk to your counselor if you have questions.